The city is located in the north-eastern part of Ukraine, within the most low-lying parts of Ukrainian Polessye, 146 km from Sumy. The height above sea level is 160 meters; the central part of the city is a high hill with steep slopes.


The climate is temperate continental with cool winters and warm summers. The average annual air temperature is plus 6.6 degrees Celsius, average January temperature is minus 7.7 degrees C, average July temperature is plus 19.6 degrees C.

In 2005 and 2009, Hlukhiv was recognized as a city with the cleanest air in Ukraine.

There are plenty of impressive sights for our guests in Hlukhiv

The oldest building in the town is the church of St. Nicholas (1693), modeled after traditional wooden churches and executed in the Ukrainian Baroque style. The church, repaired and renovated in 1871, has three pear-shaped domes and a two-storey bell tower.

Probably the best known landmark of modern Hlukhiv is the conspicuous Water Tower (1927–29), though more historical interest attaches to the triumphal arch, dated either to 1744 or 1766. It has been suggested that the architect of this rather plain structure was Andrey Kvasov. The arch, the oldest in Ukraine, sustained damage during World War II but was subsequently restored.

The Kiev Gate. It is the only survived structure of the fortress, one of the four former entries in the territory of the old city.

Tereshchenko House. The oldest surviving building of architectural heritage of Tereshchenko family constructed in 1866.

The Central Park. It is a small park located in the heart of the city. Rudchenko Square.

St. Anastasia Church. The ancient church of the three holy Anastasias was rebuilt in Hlukhiv in 1884-1893 by means of Tereshchenko family, becoming their ancestral burial. The church reminds the forms of Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev.

Hlukhiv has captured the hearts and minds of many travelers with its rich cultural heritage.


Hlukhiv educational establishments are an integral part of the educational system of Ukraine. They are typical European institutions, with a powerful and effective education system, knowledgeable and renowned. The educational institutions also have relatively low tuition fees. Hlukhiv continues to be very popular with students. It’s clean, safe, and surrounded by a breathtaking scenery.
Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University main campus is among the top beautiful universities in Ukraine.


Hlukhiv is the most student-friendly city. The total population is 32 thousand. This is a vibrant city with young energetic surroundings and positive vibes. Students regularly become winners of international and all-Ukrainian sports competitions, students subject competitions and contests of scientific works.
Reasons why to study in Hlukhiv:
  • Plenty of higher educational establishments.
  • Educational institutions of the city have profound scientific, artistic and sports achievements.
  • The students can use the modern rooms, scientific and learning libraries, rear books library, reading halls, computering laboratories, foreign languages laboratories, students’ cafés, sports complexes, the best in the town hostels.
  • The city is known for its architectural and cultural monuments.
  • Hlukhiv educational establishments are proud of their graduates, public figures, famous scientists.
  • The student population is diverse and vibrant.